Experience the Salt Lake excitement

The 5K takes place in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. The course winds past historic sites and city shops while offering views of snow-capped mountains in the near distance. Sharing the same finish line as the full and half marathoners, you’ll be able to join in on all the excitement of the Salt Lake City Marathon weekend!

Course Map

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Note: The interactive map should only be used to understand the exact route athletes will follow during their events.

Special Note: This map tool uses GPS technology; therefore, it does not accurately represent distance and mile markers. The course is certified according to USA Track and Field (USATF) standards with a bicycle outfitted with a calibrated cyclometer. Please see the PDF version of the map above for more accurate locations of miles as verified by USATF.

Race Rules

Runners going backwards, animals, bicycles, wheeled vehicles and roller skates are all prohibited in the Salt Lake City 5K. Baby joggers will be allowed, but to ensure the safety of all participants they must begin their run/walk at the back of the 5K start line.

MP3 players are permitted during the race. For the safety of all on the course, we ask that runners keep their music low or consider using just one headphone.

Age Group Awards

Custom designed plaques will be awarded three deep in each the following divisions:

  • Ages 11-19 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 20-24 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 25-29 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 30-34 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 35-39 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 40-44 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 45-49 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 50-54 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 55-59 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 60-64 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 65-69 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 70-74 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 75-79 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 80+ (Male and Female)

Register and Receive

Register for the 2018 Alaska Airlines Salt Lake City Marathon 5K and receive the following:

  • A one-of-a-kind paneled technical T-shirt branded Salt Lake City 5K
  • Finishers medal
  • Gatorade, water, fruit and ice cream at the finish line
  • Professional event timing and live results messaging to track your race progress
  • Great food at finish line festival